The Smart Real Estate Investors Guide
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The real estate market as we knew it before August of 2008 has changed forever. Real estate investors must clear their minds and adapt to the new realities and opportunities in today’s market. Lenders have changed their rules and are underwriting more strictly and conservatively. However, this creates opportunities for smart, savvy investors who understand the market, play by the rules, and have the ability to acquire and manage distressed properties.

Ever wonder why some real estate investors succeed while others fail? Do you ever say to yourself "How do they do it?" or "I wish I could be like them"? The truth is, they’re successful because they have a clear vision and a specific plan for how to achieve it . . . it's that simple! People invest in real estate because they believe it’s an easy way to make a lot of money. But let’s be honest, not everyone does. Navigating the market requires that you possess the know-how to develop a strategy and a plan for making your first $1 million, which you’ll need in order to make the rest!

If you picked up this book, you’ve already made the initial step toward making your first $1 million. Inside are the tools you’ll need to make smart investment choices and lessen the risks inherent in a volatile real estate market. The goal of this book and Karim’s objective is to help you do better than he has so you can make your first million and the next, while minimizing your mistakes, so you keep your shirt on.

Can you do even better than Karim Jaude has done? This practical and informative manual based on Karim’s real life experiences will help you get started immediately so you can make your first $1 million. Karim says, "I have made fortunes in real estate and I have lost a few shirts. Let me tell you there’s no joy in the loss. The lessons I share in these pages are gathered from my years of experience and will enable you to become the best real estate investor you can possibly be. So start reading and start investing!"
The Smart Real Estate Investors Guide
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How Can Smart Investors Make the Best of a Real Estate Market That Has Changed Forever?
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